The Artist

IMG_3768Rob Rochford is an artist based in Huntington Beach California. Raised in Huntington, just a little drive from Los Angeles, his grandmother exposed him to art galleries and taught him about various artists at a young age. Since being exposed to art as a child, he wanted to recreate and be part of this culture of the pieces he saw and loved. He began by drawing familiar cartoons and comics from looking at their line work. From this he began learning the drawing process. Later in high school his art teacher encouraged him to start painting. This teacher provided him with acrylics and canvas and a sense of direction. Once Rob knew how to start, he took to it very quickly. Since then, he has not stopped his creativity and has only progressed through different mediums. Throughout the years he strived to learn different techniques through studying multiple artists, paintings, and styles. Nowadays, Rob works primarily with spray paint in his art    studio in downtown Huntington.